Article Submission Guidelines

Why Publish Good Quality and Original Articles?

Internet readers search to find relevant content on their topic of interest and nobody likes to read tons of recycled content that you can find now on thousands sites. For this reason it is important to write good original content in all the articles you submit. And the more informative your articles are, the more the readers will like them.

You can submit articles only if you are a " TRUSTED AUTHOR " !
To became TRUSTED AUTHOR you must:
If you are new you must request and account sending us your email address and real name. We'll create an account for you.
If you are already an author you must:
1) add your real name
2) write your biography
3) upload your real Picture.
then you can send us the article you want to submit via our contact us page.
In the contact form add your user name (must be your real name) and the text. We'll review your article and, if it meet our quality standards, TOS, GUIDELINES and is original, well written and never published on other site, we will upgrade your account to TRUSTED AUTHOR allowing you to submit your article.

DO NOT USE EMAIL ADDRESS, WEBSITE NAME OR COMPANY NAME AS YOUR USERNAME HERE. USE ONLY YOUR REAL NAME AND SURNAME. We publish only articles submitted by authors that have updated their account.
You are welcome to be part of our community so please take the time to update your account writing few lines about you in the BIO and uploading your real picture.


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