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Introducing Yourself / Re: Welcome To SEO Forum
« on: Mar 08, 2012 »
Forum posting with do follow signature is really a great way to get quality links for your site.. Like blog posting, Forum posting is one effective way of link building if you what to drive tons of traffic to your site.

Article writing and article submission is really one of the best strategies of link building in getting quality links and generating traffic. Ezine article site is one of my favorite.

Nowadays, Social networking sites popularity is increasing day by day like facebook, myspace, orkut, digg etc…., we can say social networking is one of the best and free ways for increase traffic on our site. Social networking is important in blogging and if you can’t do social networking then it’s a rare chance that you’ll be successful in blogging. Leaving comments and trackbacks is part of social networking. Apart from that is part of one of the popular Social news networks.

Google + / Re: Google+ : First impressions
« on: Mar 08, 2012 »
We can see after 2 or 3 years from now if they can compete or beat social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Even though it seems like a beneficial factor of SEO, it’s highly doubtful on how many normal web users will start their search queries with the + sign. Some would probably look into this as a Google service influencing the organic search results.

The growth of social media sites and alternative online platforms, such as mobile sites and smart phones, has created a new way in which people access information online. Instead of using search engines as a place to start searching for information on the net, people are now using them more as a place to reference information that they have gained awareness to from their social media platforms. In other words: social media a persons online close network of friends, colleagues, associates, role models and family. These form the persons daily circle of influence, the option makers and influencers in a persons information chain which inturn influences their buying decisions. Therefore, social media is a very effective place to engrain a brand into a peoples minds and life, if used appropriately.

SEM / Re: Web Marketing and make money online
« on: Mar 02, 2012 »
Now a days every designer and developers search across the web for free icons. A good icons plays a vital role in web designing because it is the way to inform user that how can they navigate in a website.

Good to know this! thanks for sharing this mate!

PageRank / Re: How To Increase the PageRank?
« on: Mar 02, 2012 »
SEO is one of the most misunderstood topics out there. A lot of small business owners are spending way too much time on this, instead of running their actual business. So my goal today is to give you a bit of insight into what matters when it comes to SEO…and what really doesn’t matter at all :-)

PageRank / Re: PageRank is important or not?
« on: Mar 02, 2012 »
According to SEOQuake, this blog has a PageRank of 4, which I suppose is respectable for a blog which has only been up for about a year or so. But do you know when I found out I had a PR 4? Just now, when I decided to write an article on PageRank. I suppose this makes me a bad webmaster ;)

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