How to Craft Relevant Keywords For Your Website Or Social Media Blog

Keywords are the words that people use to search for a website. They place these words in search bar of the search engine and once they hit go, the search engine works to identify these words throughout the texts of various websites.

Keywords can be used in a couple different ways. Keywords can be used in a natural manner in the context of the website text. This is the preferred method of keyword usage and it is also the most effective manner. This helps to ensure that the people viewing the website find what they are looking for and are not likely to click out quickly which would show as an exit from the website, which will hurt the SEO ratings.

The keywords can also be used in a tagging method where they are all clumped together, creating a large number of keywords but no content. This is considered an unethical method of using keywords and it can hinder the website more than it can help the website because most search engines are programmed to detect and ignore this type of keyword entry.

Keywords should be used in the HTML and the standard title for the website. This usage of the keyword within the titles will help people to feel more confident about viewing the website. The keywords that are used in the titles also help to ensure that the search engines find the websites with little difficulty. Be sure to use the keywords in a very fluid and natural manner when putting them into the title. The title should not be just the keywords.

One of the important things to remember about keywords is that they do not have to be exact for the search engines to find them. There are many people who are not able to spell what they are looking for, and the search engines will approximate for the searcher. The search engine will also notice words that are close together, but not necessarily adjacent to each other.


The searcher types in "forclosure" the search engine will search for "forclosure" as well as "foreclosure." This is a single word search engine query and it will result in many different websites.

The searcher who types in "forclosure for sale" will receive information about "forclosure for sale," "foreclosure for sales," "forclosures for sale" and "foreclosures for sale." The searcher will also find "foreclosure for cheap sale" and "foreclosures not for sale" as well, since those phrases have the words he is looking for, but there is a word between them.

The keywords are not case sensitive. The search engines do not recognize a difference between a capitalized word and one that is not. The search engines also do not notice words that are italic or bolded any faster than the notice words that have not had the font or format altered. This used to be the case, but it is no longer recognized as a means of search engine optimization.

There are also two different forms of keywords. There are the short tail and the long tail keywords. To differentiate the two types of keywords, the short tail keywords are those that include only a few words. Meanwhile long tail keywords are those keywords that include full questions or a series of words. Both of them garner different responses from the search engines and the websites should be prepared for either type of keyword queries.

Short Tail:

Flying a Kite, ear infections, coach purses

Long Tail:

How to Fly a Kite, Songs about flying a kite, what causes ear infections in children, where to buy real coach purses

The long tail search engine keywords tend to provide users with a very exact type of website that answers that specific question or statement. These long tail websites may not get as much traffic as the short tail keywords, but they do provide better quality content for the user.

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