Marketing Via Search Engines the New 2011

Search engines have become one of todays most popular means to marketing. Although expensive, with no guaranteed results, search engines provide that fastest way to meet to the most broad demographic of consumers.

While that seems great in theory, there are many cons that follow along with using search engines for marketing. First, using a search engine as a means to market to consumers leave you subject to paying for consumers to see your ad, that do not have any intentions on buying your product or service.

Although, this does leave a gateway for impulse buying from consumers, the expense to market to unwilling consumers outweighs what any business will see in return from the ads. Second, search engines charge a significant amount of money for a small space on a home page or side bar. Some consumers will not even get far enough down a page to see the advertisements on the lower section, therefore making the ad obsolete and the expanse wasted.

Lastly, search engine marketing does not have a stable correlation across the boards for all industries using it. Some industries, such a restaurants, movies or other low cost products tend to see better results than companies that are selling higher priced items and are a more desired product that have consumers searching to a specific brand rather than shop through ads.

All in all, marketing through search engines can be highly beneficial for certain companies. Although, given all things considered, search engine marketing cannot be considered the most efficient style of marketing.

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