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PageRank: is it still important?

PageRank is the value assigned by Google to web pages (and not to websites). It is measured on a scale of values ??ranging from 0 to 10 and is one of many factors considered by Google to determine the value and the credibility of a web page.

5 Ways To Improve Your Search Engine Rank

Search engine rankings are generally a key point to take into account for those who have an online website that really needs increased traffic. In case your website doesn't have a good placement in the search engine rankings then it's going to be hard to find.

Easy Suggestions To Increase Your Sites Search Engine Ranking

There is a common tendency these days to try and improve the search engine ranking of your website by any means possible, so your website can be positioned higher than your online competitors. To beginners, the concept of page rank or search ranking may be unclear. The rank is a type of 'rating' that Google and other search engines gives to websites by using algorithms to carry out the indexation. Your search engine ranking is dependent on Seo, web traffic, user-friendliness, out going links and title bars, inactive or active links and a great deal more. Here are four basic ways to improve search ranking and get a great position in the search engines results pages.

3 Helpful Tips for Raising Your Site's Google Page Rank

One of the most important factors that determine your ranking in Google happens to be the page rank. With a higher page rank, not only will you attain a high position in the search results, but you'll get more traffic than ever before. However, if you're new to the whole SEO game then it might get confusing when it comes to increasing your page rank.

Is Google PageRank Really the Measure of Your SEO Success?

Google PageRank is a patented algorithm, used by Google to evaluate relative importance of different webpages, based on the number of their links to other pages on the World Wide Web. The algorithm was named after Larry Page, one of its developers, thus the name - PageRank. The idea was to make Google Search Engine results more accurate, by taking into account "connections" of websites. In a word, the more links pointing to your website there are, the more "popular" it appears to Google.

How Page Ranking Works

There is a lot of information on the internet about page ranking. When you first start off making web pages, you want them to be of a good high quality. When they are first up, your page ranking is zero. Now take the SEO skills you have and get backlinks to your website so that they will start to rank well. Take your time in putting up your web pages; do it the right way. This is what I do.

Using Your Pagerank To Drive Traffic To Your Site

How likely it is that random viewers will see your SEO websites in the search results is most often determined by your pagerank. The higher your rank is, the more visitors that will come to your website looking for information on whatever they had typed into the search box. This is a very simple way to put it; it all boils down to the closer to number one you are. The closer you are, the more money you will make.

Tips To Help Anyone Get Page Rank

If you are publishing web pages on a regular basis, you may already know how to get page rank. For the rest of you, page rank is very important, because if you are on page 30 on the search engines, no one is seeing your website.

Pagerank: What Is It And How Is It Assigned?

It is a established actuality that Google delegates each and every website page a Google Page rank, which is established on an complex arithmetical algorithm. Pages are ranked on a system with zero as the lowest and ten as the highest. Interlinking of websites - external (linking to other websites) as well as internal (links from on page of a website to another page on the same website) - is Appreciated when it comes to Page Rank.

4 Steps To Get Back On Top, When Your Rankings Drop

There is nothing more terrifying than witnessing your site plummet in the rankings, especially without the power to stop the kamikaze dive. There are four SEO steps that will assist you in stopping the plummet and reverse the direction of your PageRank.

Getting PageRank 3 In 2 Months

Google, Yahoo and MSN are the big three search engines. However, Google is the largest search engine. It dominates the market. Its market share is more than 70%. Number of searches on Google is increasing even more annually. Daily millions and millions of people visit Google. Get your website ranked on Google, it means a lot of free traffic.

Authority Sites On The Rise

As Web 2.0 becomes less of simply a jargon and more of a fact, the kinds of sites webmasters need to make public will increasingly become more significant. Put simply, mini-sites are slowly dying and cookie-cutter article sites are on the way out too.

Basics You Need to Know About PR

Tell me what is your PR, and I will tell you where you are. (ancient maxim, slightly rephrased)

Planning a Web PR Strategy

Whichever you are considering, before planning a Web PR strategy, it is always advisable to take a long hard look at your website and check that it is working. Not just for the search engines, who you are likely to harness in your campaign, but also for your users, and for you.

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