4 Steps To Get Back On Top, When Your Rankings Drop

It usually starts as most mornings do, with a coffee, a commute, and an email check. Then you take a peek at your site rankings to see if you have moved up higher. Unfortunately, your browser not only reports that you havenandrsquo;t moved up, but are moving the opposite direction. Some people panic and fire off hasty emails to their SEO or IT guy, asking them what they did to hurt the rankings. The fact is, this happens to almost everyone. The longer you are involved with SEO, whether it be a practitioner or a client, you will know that this is a normal experience. There is no need to panic, despite how hard it can be sometimes. Search engine algorithms change frequently and it may just take a little work to restore your rankings and get moving back in the right direction. Here are four steps you can take to get back on top, when your websiteandrsquo;s rankings drop.

Build Links

It can be tempting to want to re-code your entire site when you experience a drop in the rankings. One sure-fire way to restore you rankings is to build more links. Quality, relevant links to your site will only help your overall rankings. This also gives you something to do, so you feel like you are proactively doing something about the situation. Find excellent articles, blog posts or forums that are relevant to your business and link to them. Not only are you gaining links, but also solid SEO advice.

Chill Out

Many folks will panic and try and re-write their entire website, on- and off-page. Chill out and donandrsquo;t touch your site for a few days. You can work on link building to keep you busy, but donandrsquo;t edit all of your copy just to appease the algorithm change. You may just make matters worse.

3. Analyze Your Competition

Take a look at the sites that are outranking you and take notes on what they are doing differently that works. You may learn some new strategy or tactic that you are missing out on, or you may find that they are making mistakes that could bring them stumbling down the PageRank soon as well. Check out their backlinks and on-page optimization for any clues or hints to improving your site. This could include research the architecture of backlinks that successful sites use that got them at the top.

Act Now

You have been spending the last few days building links, taking deep breathes, and analyzing and researching your competition. Now it is time to take action. Develop a moving-forward strategy and implement the changes you have been compiling from research. Take your time and make sure everything is being implemented thoroughly and correctly.

There is nothing more terrifying than witnessing your site plummet in the rankings, especially without the power to stop the kamikaze dive. There are four SEO steps that will assist you in stopping the plummet and reverse the direction of your PageRank. It is very important not to panic and try and change your entire website. Follow these recommended steps carefully and you will reverse your ill fortunes.

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