Getting PageRank 3 In 2 Months

Google, Yahoo and MSN are the big three search engines. However, Google is the largest search engine. It dominates the market. Its market share is more than 70%. Number of searches on Google is increasing even more annually. Daily millions and millions of people visit Google. Get your website ranked on Google, it means a lot of free traffic. With the rise in the cost of Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, many online marketers are now turning towards SEO as a means to get traffic.

The most important matrix is Page Rank (PR). Right now, Google uses PR of a website to rank it on its search engine. If your website has a high PR, it will get more attention from Google in its SERP.

How do you get a Page Rank (PR) that too in as short time as possible? This is my story of how I did it. I got a Page Rank (PR) of 3 from zero in around 2 months. Google values links a lot. Everyone talks about the value of link building in getting a good PR from Google.

I think no doubt link building is important on the three search engines. But Google values good content more in my opinion. Content is the king still. Google wants relevant good content websites ranked on its search engine pages.

What I have seen is that Google Algorithm is highly accurate. It can easily discern what the webpage is saying. Dont bother about keywords. You must have heard about the LSI patent Google has. No, LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It does not depend on keywords.

Do use the keyword in your articles that you want it to be ranked but dont take it as the sole criterion that Google will use to rank your site. Also avoid the keyword stuffing. Google Algorithm in my opinion can accurately judge the essence of your post and then rank it for a keyword that it considers the most relevant. It wants good conversational style writing.

Now in my opinion, Google likes blogs more than websites. It will be easy for you to get a high PR in a short time with a blog. I have a blog. Write a very good post every day. It should not be less than 600 words. Do a little link building as well by writing a good article every other day that links back to your site.

Good content coupled with a little bit of link building can give your site PR 3 almost in 2 months. I use an article marketing. Submitandnbsp; your articles to the major article directoies.

A few article submissions will make you see your webpage on the first page within the top 5 positions on the SERP. You can rank any page of your website or blog by using the keyword as the anchor text for the backlinks in the articles that you submit.

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