PageRank: is it still important?

PageRank is the value assigned by Google to web pages (and not to websites). It is measured on a scale of values ranging from 0 to 10 and is one of many factors considered by Google to determine the value and the credibility of a web page.

On the web there are numerous articles, posts in forums and blogs about the fact that PageRank does not matter anymore. Indeed, the power of PageRank is certainly diminished.

What i think is that PageRank does not matter if you focus only on it, forgetting all the other important factors used by search engines to determine the credibility of any page.

If we analyze the placement of a page in the Google SERPs, without considering all the factors that led to that page at that location and trying to find a relationship only with the value of PageRank, then the conclusion can be only one: PageRank does not matter!

On many forums you can read messages of less experienced users who are fighting hard to get a very high PageRank, convinced that this necessarily results to a good ranking on Google.

In general we can say that a high PageRank can help a page to go up in the results offered by Google. But since, as mentioned earlier, PageRank is only one of many factors considered by Google, it is not necessarily true that high PageRank is also synonymous with high rankings.

A good placement can only be achieved by applying the rules of OnPage and OffPage optimization, and staying up to date on how these evolve over time, as well as on new factors which, with the evolution of the Web, may affect the placement.

PageRank is based on the popularity of a web page based on the inbound links and the PageRank of the page that contains them.

So PageRank identifies a kind of "vote" that Google assigns to our site on the basis of votes assigned to sites that contain a link to our site. Receiving a link from a page with high PageRank will be more advantageous than receiving a link from a page with low PageRank value.

There are also other factors that determine the influence of an external links on our PageRank. One of these is the total amount of external links on the page itself. If the page has a high PageRank, but contains many links, then the contribution will be minimal.

Another very important factor when it comes to PageRank is the relevance of the topics on the external page compared to those treated on our page. Getting links from pages with high pagerank and directly related to the topic of our site, will have a higher relevance than pages with unrelated topics.

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