Do you need to cook up some fresh content for your website?

Auntie Google has been meddling with her recipe for the world's most used search engine again, changing the rules.

The latest change involves the introduction of what has been dubbed a 'freshness algorithm'. Google's intention is that for some searches, new content will be favoured as it's more up to date. Sadly they haven't produced a list of topics that will or won't be affected by the freshness algorithm. But as a general rule it is likely to be anything in which web users are likely to benefit by having up to the minute information rather than content that's a year old. Google estimates that around 35% of searches will be affected by the update.

At first glance, this might seem unfair, but in fact Google could be doing many companies a favour by prodding them into ordering some fresh content. Who doesn't want information that's up to date and relevant? Your customers will thank you for it, and your website will be perceived as having a finger on the pulse, an ear to the ground, or whatever other body part/object configuration you prefer.

Of course the content doesn't necessarily need to deal with things that are happening now or even be news-related. It simply needs to be new. With that in mind, here are three top marketing ideas for keeping your site continuously fresh and stocked with new content.

- How to/guide articles - Creating informative pages that relate to the kind of issues your customers are likely to face might not make you any money directly, but it can increase their engagement with your page. Aside from being fresh, such content is perennially popular and is a great way to get extra incoming traffic to your site.

- Blog posts - A regularly updated blog can be a very effective way of keeping your customers up to date with recent developments, and can also attract new customers. Such posts might include reporting of recent developments related to your industry, with some commentary for good measure.

- Reviews - If you're in the retail business, you might include regular reviews of the latest products. Not only will this please freshness algorithm, it makes good sense anyway, as this kind of content is incredibly popular with people looking to buy online.

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