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When you decide to do article marketing, make sure that you post your article on your website first. This is to alert the search engines that your content is original and cannot be found elsewhere. Submit the articles to publishing sites after 5-7 days, giving enough time for search engines to acknowledge your content on your website.

Always take a break after writing your article. Re-read and check for spelling mistakes before submitting to the articles submission sites. Publishers will not be tempted to publish your sites if it's full of spelling mistakes. If you don't have much idea, you can always use Private label rights articles; rewrite them to make it unique before submitting it the article directories.

There are hundreds and hundreds of article directories out there and new ones are coming online every day. But with so many choices, where should you submit your articles? As far as I'm concerned, the choice is an easy one.

The Heading of your article should be such that it invokes user to read the whole article. The heading of the article should be such that it is easily searchable. It should contain some key words which are frequently searched by the users. Also all the key words must be repeated at least 5-8 times in the article.

You don't have to stop with just one or two articles when you use article marketing. You can submit many articles in order to publicize your business. In fact, by automating submission of articles, you can send off thousands of articles daily. Submitting more articles increases the presence of your business on the internet. The internet has many reputable article directories that accept informative and interesting articles from you.

A useful tip to writing your articles quickly and effectively is to MODEL, and not to andquot;reinvent the wheelandquot; - there is so much information out there in the article directories and on the internet, such that you can do your research and then create your own unique article.

An Article Submission Service can be a great help when your time is limited and you want to get your articles to all the article sites and groups. However, when the service is tiered, based on what you pay and don't pay - you have to be aware of what you are getting.

Let's face it. Not everyone is good with words and writing may not be your forte. But this should not stop you from using article submission to market your website and programs. There are always writers for hire.

Spice up your articles. To make your copies more interesting to read, you may insert humor, trivia, and personal stories whenever appropriate. You can also utilize new writing style that will fit the profile of your target audience.

Procrastination and fear of rejection are the two most common reasons for not submitting articles. You simply must push past the procrastination and do it now. Procrastinate later, do it now. It's important that you don't copy content from other articles, this will render your article submissions pretty much ineffective. If you write your articles so they are 100% unique, then you'll see much better results. If you write an article where you're showing off your intelligence, your reader is going to quickly stop reading. Make the article about the reader's needs. Everybody's intelligent. Everybody knows a lot of information about something. Everybody is an expert in something.

Talk about your products. Although blatant advertisement is a no-no in article marketing, you can still talk about your products and market them to your potential clients. Just be careful not to sound too pushy or you will annoy your readers. Articles can be of any format including white papers, case studies, guides, tutorials, quick manuals and the like. Anything that provides valuable information to your readers can be considered an article, and should be disseminated to the public to help drive traffic to your website.

Be consistent. The last key to succeeding in article marketing is your commitment. Strive to consistently write and submit articles on a daily basis if possible. This will strengthen your online presence and credibility. Keep the search engines in mind when writing your articles and sprinkle generous amount of keywords all throughout your content to make them highly searchable online.

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