Off-Page' Search Engine Optimisation In Detail

In our previous article, we covered the basic theory of SEO and talked about 'On Page' factors. Off-Page is much more critical though. Think of it as appointing votes. If another site places a link to your site then that site has given you a vote of confidence. It's as if they're promoting the value of the site.

This link consists of two major parts. Firstly it contains the specific URL of the page. Then secondly the keyword phrase. This will be highlighted on the web page. This equates to a vote being generated for that exact page. In other words one 'vote' to push the website up the natural listings.

It always works in this way. The page being targeted and the Anchor Text are permanently linked to each other. You can't create a vote for a page without some highlighted anchor text. The anchor text notifies the Search Engine about the page's content - and thus what search term it should come under. To re-iterate: Your website's search terms are totally controlled by its anchor texts.

Thus you'll understand why highlighting 'Click Here...' creates no value in SEO terms. The phrase 'CLICK Here' is what we've voted for! Who thinks of typing in 'CLICK HERE' when they're doing a search? There isn't anybody.

That's why it's so necessary to use the right anchor text. For it represents all the phrases your site will be listed for. And by the way, if you DO Google "Click Here" you will always find the Adobe Reader download site at the top. Is that because it describes their site? Of course not! It's simply that 'click here' features on so many sites to download Adobe Reader.

To summarise, Search Engines cast a vote for a page via the anchor text phrase. It is the logical thing to do. The process attempts to use human logic for looking and searching. In fact, the actual subject matter of your page could be quite different. As long as the anchor texts that are directed at you say 'red cars' - that is what you will rank for. It's undeniable!

Of course, it's not quite as simple as that... The wording on a page being pointed at and its title are taken into account by the Search Engines. And a wealth of other details also. Just as an example - they'll look at the spread and relevancy of the 'voting' sites.

The bottom line is - to SEO successfully takes a ton of back-links. If these back links come from a variety of sites and have well phrased anchor texts, then so much the better. A site's quality is taken into account as well: There is much more value in a back-link from a highly rated site than from one with no rating at all.

Take time to make sure you have the appropriate keywords in place. (And you should perform a lot of keyword and competitor research before putting any strategy into place.) It really boils down to one thing: What do people type into the search box when they're trying to find your service or product? When you know that, you know which keyword phrases and anchor text to use.

Interesting answers often come up when you do your researches and tests. As a matter of fact, the phrases are very often not at all what you'd expect. Human beings are odd creatures and we all have our own ideas of how to find what we want. You may think to Google "quality mattresses" if you're hoping to sleep better. While someone else might automatically think to say 'I need more sleep'.

Would you really want to trust your marketing to vague ideas and feelings about what might be typed in? DO NOT under-estimate the value that well-phrased keywords can carry. The amount of traffic you'll receive is intrinsically linked to this. A comparison could be made with a Business Yellow Pages entry. If you've been entered as a Florist, but you're actually an electrician, you're not going to get anywhere. Similarly, for effective and profitable optimisation on-line, you must perform thorough keyword research and analysis.

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