SEO and Meta Tags Enhance Search Engine Visibility

When you are building your website one of the things you will need to know is Meta Tag descriptions. You can choose a free Meta tag generator which you place in the upper left hand corner of your website so the search engines are able to categorize your website. Unlike SEO, Meta tag keywords may not necessarily appear on your website, but they allow web surfers to find your website based on those keywords. For instance, if you have an accounting website you might include the words "straight line depreciation," but it may not appear anywhere on your website.

In addition to Meta tag keywords and descriptions it is essential to ascertain that your website is optimized for the search engines. What this does is assure that your website has high ranking and when a web surfer is looking for products or services that you offer, your website appears on one of the first three pages. The reason for this is because most web surfers will not proceed beyond the first three pages of search results. Therefore the earlier your website shows in a search the better the chances are they will visit your website.

Search engine optimization involves a specific set of different keywords and keyword combinations that are visible on your website by way of articles or descriptions. An SEO expert will review your website and help you assess which of these keywords will help your website receive the ranking it needs for your money making website to be profitable. They will also help you follow the numbers until you are confident your website is among the first to appear during searches under those keywords. Sometimes the combinations may not make sense to many of us, but SEO experts know what works.

Both of these very important components will help make your website more visible and of course, higher visibility means an increase in traffic. While they will not make your website profitable as such, but what they will do is provide the resources it needs in order for you to reach more of your target audience. Statistically, the more people you reach the more sales you will generate. Thus you need to ascertain you make use of both Meta tags and descriptions and Search Engine Optimization. The combination of both of these proven methods will help your website's visibility so more people will visit your website.

Capturing IP Addresses Effective Marketing or Invasion of Privacy

In an effort to discover who is visiting their website, many companies install software that allows them to capture the IP addresses of everyone who comes to the website. In turn this allows them to locate Email addresses and thus know who visits and where they visit on the site in an effort to ascertain their interests. With this information they are able to develop a database of potential customers and have a means of contacting them. As long as you do not abuse this information you can achieve a nice list of potential customers. Keep in mind that many people do not like this practice, so you need to be careful not to overstep your bounds. A note simply stating you know they recently visited your website and asking if they need any help with anything should suffice.

How often should you contact someone who has visited your website? In most cases someone who visits more than one time is probably someone who will purchase something in the future, but you still don't want to become a nuisance. Keep track of those who have previously visited so you don't send another Emailand#8212;that means you want to track these manually or have a program that recognizes the IP address of someone who has previously visited. If you continually send Emails to the same visitors you may drive them away as they quickly become irritated with your monitoring of their activities.

Some people consider this process an invasion of privacy, but it is something businesses do on a routine basis. On the other hand, some people do use the software on personal websites just because they want to know who is visiting. This practice sometimes creates havoc for businesses because it forces people to invest in software to hide their IP addresses thus making it difficult for owners of money making websites to know who is visiting their website.

If you are capturing IP addresses to create a database of potential customers you want to monitor how often you contact those visitors. Do not consistently contact them but you may choose to notify them of any special offersand#8212;you may even create a special offer just for each visitor in order to gain their business. You can use this method even if you are offering services or want to send invitations to a network marketing organization.

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