Social Networking Sites - Some Common Misconceptions

If you want to research something on the internet, you definitely need to consider the source when you are reading an article or posting. For example, there are some web sites out there now that state that social media web sites are not a useful tool for businesses. These posts are clearly being written by individuals who have an agenda to keep businesses away from social media web sites, since they are an incredibly powerful marketing tool that businesses can use at almost no cost.

One web posting in particular makes it a point to attack the use of social media web sites by businesses, but almost every statement in the article is a blatant lie. The posting's first untrue statement is that it is difficult to use social media sites, so businesses should avoid them. Anyone who has used a social media site knows that it is not difficult at all to use, if you have not used a social media site before, you can ask any of the many millions of other users of these sites if they think it is difficult. If you can navigate the web, and log-on to your e-mail, then you have the necessary skills to master a social media web site.

Next, he goes on to say that social media sites aren't cheap, because they require your time. Now what aspect of business marketing doesn't require a little time expenditure on the part of the business owner? There are no fees charged by these sites to use them, so in essence if you get on there for 30 minutes a day and can be using that time to further your business that seems pretty cheap in the grand scheme of business advertising. Just look at the cost of other forms of business advertising and you will really see that there is a large benefit and very little expense other than time to promote your business. Seems like a deal to most of us?

Finally he states that there are no perspective customers to be found on My Space or Facebook or on Twitter for that matter, because in his opinion there are only goofy teenagers and nostalgic older folks looking to reconnect with lost loves on these sites. It is due to the fact that there are just a bunch of idiots roaming these sites that they aren't going to stop and learn about your business. Well, guess again. Many people who use the internet for communication are actually also some of the most intelligent and there are many companies and organizations using these tools to advertise and getting good results.

There are many reasons why inaccurate information ends up on the internet. Sometimes the people posting this information have been min-informed themselves, sometimes they are just writing their personal opinion, and other times there are ulterior motives, and these people are purposely being misleading. Either way, the fact is that using social networking sites is a great way for businesses to advertise and reach millions of potential customers quickly and inexpensively.

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