The Basics of SEO and Building Website Traffic

This article will give you a elementary understanding of search engine optimization. When you are done reading, you should have a decent understanding of the basic concepts and be armed with enough know-how to get started marketing your website and begin to increase targeted website traffic.

So, let's start from the very beginning. You have a website, and you are looking to get more visitors to your site. The primary way of attaining this is by getting people locate your site no search engines like Yahoo, Bing, or Google. There are of course other ways to market your web site, but this article will be focusing only on getting traffic from the search engines for free.

This is where the term Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, comes from. It can also be called Search Engine Marketing, or SEM for short. It is essentialy the act of refining your web site, and information about your site in a way that is optimal for search engines to find it. Typically, the main goal is to achieve a top ranking in the search engine results. Search engine results are the pages that are returned from a search engine when a visitor performs a search query. In most search engines, ten (10) web pages are shown that are considered pertinent to the users search term, or keywords. The search engine establishes this relevancy in a number of different ways, but the two (2) main ways are:

Does the content on your page match what the visitor is searching for? In other words, is it relevant?

Do other sites link to yours that have the same or similar topic?

These are the two main aspects we will discuss today. You should always keep in mind, that relevancy is the key concept for a search engine. If it cannot return relevant results, people will no stop visiting their site.

Now that we have a simple awareness of what we are trying to achieve, lets talk about how to do it. We know that we want our site to display in search engine results. The next step is to ascertain what search phrases, or keywords, our site should appear for. In other words, if your site is about bass guitars, then one of the main keywords you would want your site to be associated with is andquot;bass guitarsandquot; as well as more narrow keywords like andquot;bass guitars for saleandquot;, or andquot;used bass guitarsandquot;. The act of finding keywords that you want to rank well for is called keyword research.

You should spend a good bit of time up front brain-storming keyword ideas. There are also keyword research software that will help you do this much quicker and with far greater depth than if you do it by yourself. It is highly recommended that you find one and use it.

When you do your keyword research, you will want to generate a list of keywords that are relevant to your internet site. Once you have built this list, you will want to break it down into logical groupings. For instance, you may see a couple of keywords that are closely associated to each other. When you find these groupings, you should prepare to create a page in your website that is committed to this topic. This is called a landing page. It can help people locate very precise topics on your website.

Once you have you site's content optimized, the next step is to get other sites to link to the page's of your site. The best bet for doing this is article marketing. Again there are services out there, like this one, that make this far easier than doing it by your self. When you write your articles, you will want to add links back to your site using the keywords that you researched earlier. These links in essence are like a vote of popularity for your site.

So there you go! That was a quick and dirty introduction into SEO. If you are feeling lost, don't worry about it. There are lots of resources online that can help you through it. Don't give up!

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