The Best Expert SEO Tips For Your Website

Many search engine optimisation companies are very hush hush about the techniques they use for helping sites rank well on Google and the other search engines. Chances are, they don't have any amazing unknown strategy that the rest of the world doesn't know about. Google's algorithm is constantly updating, to ensure people don't use loopholes to gain an unfair advantage over everyone else. Their goal is to generate the most organic, fair listings that are most relevant to their users.

Despite the continual changes, there are a number of core techniques that are helpful in gaining high rankings, and ones that will always be effective. They are focused around content, which the search engines love. Firstly, you should update your site regularly. Fresh content means the search bots are continually coming back to your site and re-indexing it, and regular content is considered important. You might want to even look at doing a blog and updating it every day. Then when you feature certain information, it will turn up in Google quicker.

Internal linking structure is also very important. Your site should be SEO friendly and all the pages should be able to be reached within 2 clicks. Use CSS (cascading style sheets) for all your formatting such as font sizes and styles, heading colours, tables and more. This means the actual pages will have less code for the search bots to go through and find your content. Linking to other pages within your website should always use keywords. These links are known as anchor text and gives the search engines an idea of what the page is about by the link sending you to that page. Linking to pages from graphics or other images is bad because it doesn't have any anchor text with your keywords.

All expert seo companies will tell you that the meta tags are very important for search engine rankings. The main ones to focus on are the title tags and the description tags. Putting your main keywords and phrases in these is an absolute must! You should try and select 2 or 3 important phrases that are relevant, and keep the overall number of words in the title tags to around 8. Any more and each words importance will be diluted.

H1 and H2 tags are also important. These are the major headings on each page. Again, the main heading should encompass your main key phrase with any H2 tags utilising other key phrases. The keywords you put as your headings though should be relevant...don't try and optimise your site for keywords that don't match your content!

Finally, you need to get people to link to your site. Links are seen as a 'vote' for your website, and the importance and relevance of the other websites will be taken into consideration. Again these inbound links should be natural, and by having good content you will increase the chance of other quality websites putting a link to yours on their site. Submitting well written articles to directories that contain your link in the content is also a good way of building links. Follow these techniques and your site should do well.

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