Top five search engine optimisation techniques

In an increasingly digital age, search engine optimisation plays a key role.

Also referred to as SEO, search engine optimisation is the process of constructing a website in a way that it can be discovered by search engine crawlers; these crawlers will then analyse the information on that particular site, subsequently indexing it on a search engine (such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!).

As a result, a site that is fully optimised is likely to appear far higher on an SERP (search engine results page) than a site that hasn't.

Search engine optimisation allows users to find sites easily in their favoured search engine - a factor that is of massive importance, working to drive traffic to a site and potentially increase sales.

While search engine optimisation may seem like something that requires industry experts to implement into a website, there are a number of things that can be done without investing a considerable amount in the services of a professional.

Here are just five of those search engine optimisation techniques that you can undertake yourself to optimise your site for search engines:

Create back links through Blogging -

In a search engine optimisation, back linking can go a huge distance in ensuring that your site is optimised. To do this, all that is needed is a creative mind, good writing skills and some solid keyword research (more on that later). Blogging, for SEO purposes basically involves taking the main theme of your business and creating optimised content based around it.

For example if your company produces wood flooring, you could create a whole host of material based around installation techniques, how to guides and so on. By placing links to your site in the content, you will then have created a great way of driving traffic.

Keyword Research -

Keywords in search engine optimisation are the terms that users will search to, in this particular example, find your niche area. To get an idea of the kinds of terms that people are searching, employ the use of a Google Keyword Research Tool.

Once you've researched the keywords, you the have to make a decision on which ones you're actually going to use. At the start of a search engine optimisation campaign, it is best to choose the least competitive ones to start - as these are more likely to get you more traffic, compared to the more competitive ones used by established brands.

Using keywords on your own site -

To make the best use of the aforementioned keywords, you're going to need to place them on your website - in Meta Keywords, tags and Meta Description, as well as the content featured on your site. By doing so, you this will allow search engine bots and crawlers to index your site easily.

Get your content on other platforms -

Similar to blogging, by creating content for article submission sites you can include more back links, and thus potentially drive traffic - another great technique in search engine optimisation. This content should be useful and authoritative.

When choosing a site to submit to, it is important to ensure that they still rank on search engines - for example, with the implementation of Google's Panda algorithm, many sites simply won't rank as new factors mean they've lost their overall value.

Submitting to a site that doesn't rank isn't going to do your site any favours.

Get social -

When you create blog posts it's important to let the world know that you've done so - the same can also be said of new products being released, services etc. Social media sites can provide a platform for you to let the world know what your company is up to - as a result potentially driving traffic too.

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