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You can submit articles only if you are a " TRUSTED AUTHOR " ! To became TRUSTED AUTHOR you must:
- Request an account to us using your REAL NAME for registration
- After we have created your account, login, go to Control Panel, upload your real PICTURE and add few lines about you in the Biography.
DO NOT USE EMAIL ADDRESS, WEBSITE NAME OR COMPANY NAME AS YOUR USERNAME HERE. USE ONLY YOUR REAL NAME AND SURNAME. We publish only articles submitted by authors that have updated their account.

If you hire somebody for writing and submitting article/s to PageRank-Tools.com it is your duty to make sure about the professionalism of those who write and submit articles on your behalf, and it's not our problem.

When you and or the person hired by you, submit BAD QUALITY ARTICLES, the only chance you have is that your website will be penalized by the Search Engines becouse they look for quality content to offer to their audience. Therefore we can not be accused of abuse and we reject complaints / charges of any kind and by whomever put in place as well as clearly stated in the TOS. So that any complaint should be addressed to the author who has submitted the article to our website.

Anyone can ask us to PLEASE remove links from the article whether the required proof shall be deemed valid by us.
In order to do that, everyone must provide us with the following information:
- The name of the author who submitted the article, as shown in the article in question.
- The link where the article can be found on our website.
- The proof of the alleged abuse made by the author.
- Those who protested.
- The entity from which the complaint originates.
- The reason and what would be the abuse.
- The proof they have contacted the author before contacting us.

If you don't provide us with all the above information we can never make any changes to the article.


By posting your Content to PageRank-Tools.com you automatically grant PageRank-Tools.com an irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to publish, use, reproduce, edit, translate, modify, adapt, distribute, perform, and display the Content alone or as part of other works in any form.


You agree that you are the original author of each article you submit. If you have hired a ghost writer, you agree that you have exclusive rights to each article you submit. If you'll use other author's articles you are obligated to report original Author name and his consens to use the article/s.
If you hire somebody for submitting articles here must be your care to be sure about the professionalism of those who submit articles on your behalf.
Submitting articles to PageRank-Tools.com you automatically agree, that you'll be the only responsible for the article submitted regarding any abuse / complaint the article maybe subject, and / or caused by the article itself.

We mostly accept articles with 400/450 words or more if the articles are UNIQUE (Never published on the web) and of HIGH QUALITY CONTENT.
Whole Article or partial article (1 or 2 paragraphs) already published one day, one week, one month, one year etc.etc. ago will be not accepted.
* In order to be published at www.allbestarticles.com, your article should NOT be submitted to any other directories yet, or live on the Internet when you make the submission to our directory. So we suggest to submit your article/s first to our directoy and then, when it'll be published here, you can submit them also to other sites.

Your article(s) must contain useful information for the readers.
Articles submitted with the sole purpose of self promoting and/or spamming will be rejected without information.
In order to prevent keyword spamming and keyword stuffing:
- Keywords density in the whole article must be max 2.5%.
- The Keywords field must contain no more than 6 keywords

- Article Title: A maximum of 120 characters and minimum of 2 words. (We recommend using up to 90 characters for best search engine results). Do not use ALL CAPS. Do not add your name, your author name, your email address or the name of your company or website in the title. (the article will be deleted)

- There are no guarantees that your articles will be accepted for publication in our directory. It is at our sole discretion whether or not to include your articles. If published, we reserve the right to remove any articles at any time.

Prohibited Uses.
You shall not, and shall not authorize or encourage any third party to directly or indirectly generate queries, Referral Events, or impressions of or clicks on any Ad, Link, Search Result, or Referral Button (including without limitation by clicking on "play" for any video Ad) through any automated, deceptive, fraudulent or other invalid means, including but not limited to through repeated manual clicks, the use of robots or other automated query tools and/or computer generated search requests, and/or the unauthorized use of other search engine optimization services and/or software;

We reserve the right to choose a more suitable category for your articles if we find them to be classified wrong.
By submitting your articles to PageRank-Tools.com , you agree to allow us to:
Publish your article on PageRank-Tools.com and any of its article directory partners.
Publish your article in RSS format for other websites to syndicate.
Publish your article in our real time, daily, or weekly newsletters.
Please do not submit articles that are not your without the author permission.

Please submit each article to the most appropriate category possible. If there is no appropriate category, please suggest one.
You agree that PageRank-Tools.com is a free service for authors and publishers. You will not be paid for submitting your articles to our sites and you will not be paid if and when your articles are published. You will receive all credit for your work and your resource box will be left in place.



  • PageRank-Tools.com contains links to other websites or resources. PageRank-Tools.com has no control over such external sites and resources. You agree that PageRank-Tools.com is not responsible for the availability or accuracy of such external sites and resources, and PageRank-Tools.com does not endorse nor is it responsible or liable for any advertising, Content, materials or products available from such external sites and resources.
  • No articles published in this site will be permitted to be used in spam campaigns.
  • No affiliate links will be permitted in any article content.
  • PageRank-Tools.com reserves the right to accept or refuse inclusion of any article submitted.
  • Deep linking or excessive self-serving promotional links may be edited or removed by PageRank-Tools.com staff.
  • Articles that link to download files or .exe files are not permitted and will be deleted.
  • Articles should contain enough content and substance to be stand alone and not direct visitors to finish reading an article at another location.


  • You agree to not hold PageRank-Tools.com liable for the accuracy of any article on the site or on any partner sites. PageRank-Tools.com is simply a hub for authors and publishers to meet. If you have an issue with someone stealing your original work, please contact us providing us that you are the owner and we will remove the article in question immediately.

    PageRank-Tools.com does not endorse any author, website, or product mentioned in any articles not written by the PageRank-Tools.com team. All articles published by PageRank-Tools.com are not meant to be used for legal, medical, or any other type of advice. All articles are for informational purposes only.

    Signing up at PageRank-Tools.com you agree to receive a daily, weekly or monthly newsletter. Proceeding with the registration you accept all the terms of service.


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