Video Marketing: Tips for Optimizing Your Video

The inclusion of a video on youtube and other video sharing channels, social networks and blogs can be used to achieve high visibility on the Internet as a communication tool that arouses curiosity and word of mouth to many users.

Video marketing, or marketing through the diffusion of video, in my opinion is a tool that serves to reinforce and promote your business and your company's online presence.

By advertising your own brand and products specifically providing reviews and useful information in the video, will encourage users to become curious of the brand and the product itself as the surfer has the contact and direct vision of what might purchase.

Through the video is easier to arouse curiosity in the user and to trigger the mechanism of high interest that makes a simple story, an event.

The videos are much appreciated by users who often look on youtube or other video sharing channels, practical information for viewing.

Here are some tips to get optimum results from your video marketing campaign:

- Create video with original content and information. Avoid creating videos that are not related to your niche or your product or service. This is likely to confuse the audience towards your brand.

- Remember that the attention of the viewer decreases dramatically after the first 3 minutes. Therefore seeks to record video no longer than 5 minutes. If you have a video that is longer, break them into 2 parts and be sure to tag them both wisely. This not only will prevent those who are bored listening to it, but also encourages users to seek further material on your website.

- Make sure you use relevant keywords for the title of the video, because, most likely, the title is what search engines use as the first element to identify your video.

- Video Thumbnail, the image that users will immediately see before they click on your video, represents an important factor leading to decide whether to watch your video, or move on to someone else. Some video site make use of the very first portion of the video as a thumbnail, others, like YouTube, choose to automatically use the central part. Make sure that the thumbnail is displayed, and what they actually is visible to the audience. Otherwise, you can change the image manually and use the one you think will attract the most attention.

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