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The Definition of SEO is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a very strenuous and tiring process that depends heavily on different factors that calculate the position of any given website. Many SEO companies only do search engine optimization to a pre-existing website that is already designed. Also, web design companies only perform web design and simply do not have the knowhow of Search Engine Optimization. However, a group of rising Texas Web Designers from andquot;Reach A Webandquot; have finally mastered the art of both!

You may find yourself left with either a website that looks really nice but with a bad search engine placement, or a website that was designed by someone and the search engine optimization Company that you hired has placed a bunch of ugly keywords and content that ruined your design. Why shouldn't you have the both of them? This question can simply be answered with one word: Redesign. Redesign your website using a company that knows how to do both from the ground up. You have to start from the bottom up again, but this time do it right. The Texas Web Designers of Reach A Web can do the job right.

Limiting yourself to SEO or a nice looking website is just that andquot;A LIMITATIONandquot;. You own a great idea or successful business then you should have both exposure and the presentation to secure your next client!

Why should you pay upwards of $2000.00/mo for SEO work when this group of Texas web designers that enjoy their work can charge overseas prices in Texas? With them, you can have a complete custom web design and SEO included for under $4k. Just think about the savings. A custom web design plus an SEO evaluation and not to mention the 6 months minimum of SEO work can add up to at least $8900.00. How did we come up with this figure? Custom web design $3500.00 + Initial SEO report $600.00 + $800.00/mo for a minimum of 6 months contract = $8,900.00. Try this, most that get things done this way are not happy with the final look of your website and not to mention they are not too sure if the SEO work was done ethically and correctly. Do you really want to take that chance?

Let's face it; SEO companies are not web design companies in nature. Those expertises are divided in two: SEO specialists and Web Design specialists. That is of course until you find a company that is truly good at both. The Texas web designers at REACH A WEB are the one of the few groups that can do both. They listen, care, and deliver with excellence.

Just think and take a deep breath. Give your web presence a moment and think of the opportunities. Now, give your presentation a thought. Are you really maximizing your website's potential? Don't short change yourself on either. Your website is your store today and tomorrow. Find a good web designer that can accomplish both the sharp SEO work and the web design evn if it has be done from the ground up. You will simply thank me later!

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SEO Web Design unlocked by Texas Web Designers


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