Top Tips for Finding Better Cheap Web Hosting

Anyone who needs web hosting will always want to get the best deal, but price is not the only criteria you should use when choosing the right web host company. There several basic minimum selection criteria which must be met by any company you are considering to host your website or blog.

Good Customer Service and Effective Technical Support Are Essential

If you cannot communicate effectively with your web host you are going to have more problems than you need. You must be able to report any hosting issues easily and quickly and the best way to do that is via direct contact with technical personnel. You also need the web hosts technical staff to respond quickly and effectively to any problems or questions that you may have.

Many will ask you to submit tech support issues via their website, but unfortunately many take way too long to reply and you can spend a lot of time just waiting. The best solution is a web host that provides all day and all night live chat or phone technical support at some level so there is always someone around who you can help you. Direct conversation is always going to give you the best support.

Always try to talk to technical staff before you commit so you can check whether they are technically proficient and easy to talk to. Ask them some questions about your requirements and the options available then see how they respond. If you are not happy with their response just move on and get web hosting somewhere else.

Get Web Hosting that has Good Reliability, Security, Power and Capacity

Always check what you will get in terms of power and capacity from your web host. Note exactly what disk space and bandwidth limitations are imposed and check that availability of the servers is very close to 100%. Compare web hosts on these criteria and always go for the best if you can afford it.

If you have other technical requirements, such as FrontPage or database support then compare what different web hosts can provide. Many web hosting plans now offer you the ability to host multiple or unlimited domains, websites and SQL databases. If you require other special software like Joomla or Wordpress then ensure that your web host will support it.

Web server security and reliability are very important aspects of your web hosting account. Also make sure the server account your site will be hosted on has the power to do what your site needs. Do a thorough comparison of these items before making that final selection.

If possible get a hosting account that has cPanel and Fantastico support as these are currently considered the best web hosting management tools. They will make it very easy for you to control the hosting of your website and also provide for easy and instant installation of many other important software packages, such as the WordPress content management system for blogging and building websites.

Finally Look For The Lowest Prices And A Guarantee

Once you have made a short list of web hosts from all the criteria already mentioned you can then look at the price of the web hosting provided. Web hosting is a very competitive market and you should have no problem in finding a great monthly deal priced below 10 dollars. If you need it also consider getting instant account activation if it is provided.

Until you actually use a web hosting service you will not really know how good or how bad it is, so always get a money back guarantee in case things do not work out. A 30 day period is typically offered and it prevents you losing money on a bad service.

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