Mobile Optimization - Basic Rules

The general rules of SEO applies to both mobile and normal websites, such as user friendly design, speed and ease of navigation etc. But in details mobile SEO is way different.

Usability is one issue thats very important with mobile browsers. Each and every single page on your website must be accessible from the homepage within 3 clicks. Users might not go deep with their clicks if they are accessing the website using the small little screen running on a mobile device. So you need to create a different set of rules.

Another area where your plan will likely differ is in the number of keywords that you plan to use. Your mobile web site should be well optimized for one to two keywords, not the dozens you'll probably use for regular web sites. Right now, there isn't as much competition on the mobile Web, reducing the need for dozens of different keywords, but those keywords also bloat the back end and can affect the way it downloads and displays.

Make sure you keep the strategy simple and it is good enough to achieve whatever goals that you set.

When possible, include bookmarking and tagging tools; also include "Send this page" links to make it easy for the visitors to e-mail the page link to themselves or others who might be interested. Another way to help your site visitors stay connected is to make any phone numbers included on your site clickable. Mobile device users appreciate the ability to click-to-call, and creating clickable phone numbers is easy. You use the same HTML code that you would use for a link, except that instead of using a URL, you add the phone number.

There is only one more thing that you need to do to get your website ranked on top. Make sure you submit your it to search engines and mobile directories. Submitting your mobile web site to local directories, however, might not be so obvious, but it makes sense.

The best way to increase your chances in local search results are to be listed in local directories and other local listings. People always use their mobile phones to find local information such as the local events, movies running locally, directions, phone numbers etc.

In addition, you should also think about how you can build buzz for your site. Fortunately, building buzz is a little easier than building it for a regular site, because mobile capabilities are still newsworthy.

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