Ten Top Tips for Getting the Most out your Website

These days it's not enough to simply have a website, as everyone has one. Website optimisation is therefore absolutely imperative for any business that wants to not only have an online presence, but have one which is awesome enough to be remembered, bookmarked and returned to time and time again. Here we present a few digital marketing tips to help you get ahead.

- Check your design - Is it visually pleasing and immensely usable? No? Then a redesign may be in order. Generally speaking, a slick yet simple design which is easy for users to navigate is right for most businesses.

- Know your keywords - It's not enough to have a great website, you have to get people to see it, and the right people at that. Carefully select SEO keywords that are popular, that you can compete on, and that are most relevant to your site.

- Create top-notch content - If you don't have the skills in-house, consider hiring an SEO agency to create some high quality written content containing your keywords. Not only will this please the search engines, but it will please your users too.

- Fill in your meta descriptions - Meta description tags continue to have relevance in modern search engine optimisation. The meta description is used by Google and others to provide the short description that accompanies your results in the search pages, so it needs to be snappy.

- Avoid duplicate content - Whether it's come from your site or someone else's, just don't do it. Copying content that has been used elsewhere may result in these pages not being indexed by the search engines, and just looks plain lazy to prospective customers. Keep it fresh.

- Make it mobile - Many people are now surfing the web on their phones. Improve their experience of your site on these devices by creating a mobile version of it.

- Build your links - Get an SEO company to help you build up your network of links. This is a vital digital marketing method which will help you to climb up the search results.

- Paid Website Promotion - Combine your organic SEO techniques with some Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. To get the most out of PPC ad campaigns you need to carefully monitor and tweak them. An

- Keep the content coming - Search engines don't like static websites, and neither do users. Regularly updating your website with original content is therefore advisable, and starting a blog is a great way of doing this.

- Title all your pages - Make sure that each individual web page has its own unique title, preferably containing keywords wherever possible.

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