Website Optimization: Compression Is Key

It's common for individuals to not understand that every single time they go to a new web site they are actually performing a download. There are many people who say they don't download but rest assured that is not true. The biggest problem with this is that because it is a download you have to be extra careful about the content you load your website up with, and make sure that you employ website optimization techniques.

In order to stay at the top of the rankings and keep people coming back you either need to minimize the amount of content downloaded or make it very small. If you do the proper website optimization, it won't take very long for a file to be downloaded to a user's computer, thereby making the web surfing experience a little more pleasant.

One thing that you may do to cut down on file sizes is reduce the size of the images on your website. Images are the big bandwidth eaters on any website, and this is an issue because they are required. No one wants to look at a webpage that is nothing but plain text. Since images are so necessary people used to reduce their colors by saving them as.gif files which were more web friendly at the time. Sadly this is no longer applicable because people will now notice if images are a grainy mess. The other option you have now is to save your images in a fairly new format which is known as.png. It's a very small image format and it manages to retain most of the quality, which makes it perfect for website content.

If you want to host any type of video for a website then you should, but you should also do your best to keep it off the main server. Putting it onto your main server will cause serious problems, like causing many people to have to wait for the video AND the website itself to load. If you can stream your video from alternative servers then you will find that it's a lot easier to load the other content. The only problem with this is that you need to constantly make sure that the links to the streaming video are all functioning properly.

If you are finding that you are receiving more traffic that you had thought then you should also go ahead and distribute your content out amongst various servers. In this you can be sure that content is streamed by the server that has the least load meaning that users will get their page up as quickly as possible.

Physical downloads such as games, music, or other software must be allocated to different servers. Some servers can be designated as 'premium' servers and people who pay a monthly fee can be given access to increased speeds and additional content.

The next thing that you can do is what is known as keyword optimization, or SEO. This is the act of placing specific keywords in your meta tags, alt tags or even your page itself that people will search for.

Setting up your own webpage is simple but making it the best webpage it can be is difficult. To make sure you get it right employ the services of a professional or just do some searching on the web to get more information. If you do everything right you'll not have too many problems and you will always be able to achieve the best web site optimization.

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