Why Compelling Content is your Website's most Powerful Tool

If you want your business to be successful online then you need a website that encourages people to take action (buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter etc), and that enables them to find it in the first place. So how do you accomplish this?

There are a lot of search engine optimisation techniques and strategies that digital marketing agencies use when carrying out website optimisation, but one of the most important and effective is the creation of content for your site. And the best form of content is compelling content that is well written and engaging. In short, 'killer content'.

What type of content does my website need?

The exact nature of the content for your site will clearly depend on the type of business you are running, but there are a few universal fundamentals. At the most basic level, you need the following_

- A concise yet catchy home page that introduces the site and your business

- An 'About Us' page telling web users RELEVANT information about your company

- Pages which explain what you have to offer

- A contact page with very specific details of how people can get in touch with you

When creating these pages it's important to remember that they're for both people and search engines. To appeal to search engines they should be of a substantial length (200-400 words is a good range to aim for), and include a number of keywords that are relevant to your site.

One word of warning here - don't 'stuff' the content with keywords, as it will read terribly and may be penalised by search engines for being low quality and spammy. Approximately 1-3 instances of a keyword on a single page is more than enough.

But in order to appeal to web users, content needs something that is not so easy to define. Needless to say it must well written and error-free, but it must also create certain emotional and mental reactions within its audience such as trust, interest and excitement.

The net effect of this should be that the user is convinced to purchase your products or contact you about your services. Reinforce that desire with a strong call to action.

A good SEO agency will make sure this is the case, and can also create additional content for you such as blogs and informative articles, which, as well as serving SEO purposes, can win over potential customers.

It can also give your virtual voice more authority, thus pushing up the all-important 'trust' aspect your customers will have in you, your company and your website.

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